Pharma Streptococ Coli Cure 150gr E-coli Young Birds Pigeons Poultry

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Pharma Streptococ Coli Cure 150gr E-coli Young Birds Pigeons Poultry 


Pharma Dr. Van Der Sluis

Pharma Dr. Van Der Sluis Streptococ-coli-cure, (5 active ingredients against diseases caused by the bacteria’s Streptococcus bovis, (young bird sickness) and E-coli in racing pigeons and birds

INDICATIONS Pharma Streptococ Coli Cure :
- Diseases in young pigeons
- E-coli
- Salmonellosis
- Other intestinal infections caused by bacteria

COMPOSITION Pharma Streptococ Coli Cure :
Master formula using 5 active

INSTRUCTIONS Pharma Streptococ Coli Cure :
- 1 tablespoon per 2 liters of drinking water for a period of 10 days.
- 20 pigeons drink about 1 liter per day, reduce or increase dose proportionally.
- When the drug is administered in drinking water to provide the amount they drink in a day.
- Refresh the water after a day.

Manage when signals from E-Coli (mostly chicks with lack of appetite, vomiting, weight loss, and mortality slimy droppings) or Streptococcus (or see in adult pigeons muscle infections, paralysis of the legs and the manifest wings).

Prevention of E. coli:
Pigeons, after every stressful situation (after vaccination, after layup after layup for the first time after the first flights ... etc) administered for 2 days.
Only healthy young people should be vaccinated against paramyxo.
The best time is between 4-5 weeks old. After each cure strep-coli give multivitamin for two days.

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