Moxidectine Plus 100ml For Birds & Racing Pigeons

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Moxidectine Plus 100ml For Birds & Racing Pigeons



Moxidectine Plus 100ml, for the treatment and prevention against round worms, pulmonary, gastrointestinal and external parasites lice, red lice, mites .... For pigeons and birds

INDICATIONS Of Moxidectine Plus :
For the treatment and prevention of:
- All kinds of round worms
- Gastrointestinal parasites
- Pulmonary parasites
- External parasites (lice, red lice, mites, ...)
- Very effective and safe
- Can be used during the season of contests and exhibitions, as it does not have a negative effect on the physical condition of the pigeons or birds

HOW TO USE  Moxidectine Plus :
- Dose: 5 ml per 1 liter of water
- In mild weather, give a treatment for 24 hours
- In cold weather, give a treatment for 48 hours
- It is recommended to give a treatment of Moxidectine every 3 months

Moxidectine Plus The ultimate solution against external & internal parasites

PACKAGING  Of Moxidectine Plus :
- 100 ml

Shipping : 10-25 days Depends on the local postal company

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