Dac Spiramycine 10% 50gr Bronchial Infections Pigeon Poultry Birds

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Dac Spiramycine 10% 50gr Bronchial Infections Pigeon Poultry Birds



Dac Spiramycine 10% has affinity with lung tissue and the mucus membranes of the nasal passage and pharynx and is highly active against most gram-positive bacteria, mycoplasma, chlamydia and in this way is an ideal drug for the treatment of bronchial infections.

INDICATIONS Of Dac Spiramycine 10% :
- Respiratoy Infections
- Ornithosis
- Mycoplasmose
- Bronchial Infectios

DOSAGE Of Dac Spiramycine 10% :
5 g for 10 kgs live-waight or 5 g in 1 litre of drinking water during 5-7 days 20 pigeons

ADVICE FOR USE Dac Spiramycine 10% :
- Put sick pigeons in quarantine.
- Treat all your pigeons, not only the sick ones
- After medications give your pigeons DAC MULTIVITAMINS (the day after the last day of the treatment).
- In most cases, this product may be combined if necessary with other medicines

PACKAGING Of Dac Spiramycine 10% : 50 gram sachet.

Shipping : 10-25 days Depends on the local postal company

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