Dac Salmonella Extra 100g All In One Pigeon Poultry Birds

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Dac Salmonella Extra 100g All In One Pigeon Poultry Birds



Dac Salmonella Extra Mix Extra has a broad therapeutic action and is the remedy par excellence for the treatment of canker, bacterial (intestinal) infections caused by gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria (salmonella, E-Coli) and all disease agents which are sensible to the drugs.

Bacterial infections are caused by the metabolic products (toxins) that they secrete. These toxins are responsible for the symptoms. It is frequently not immediately clear which bacteria is causing the symptoms. However, treatment is still required urgently.
In these cases, Salmonella Mix Extra is a sensible choice. The three active components in this mix have a broad effect and are extremely active against the various causes of bacterial infection, such as salmonella and E-Coli and the associated protozoaire diseases such as trichomoniasis and hexamitiasis.

Paratyphoid (salmonellosis) is an infection caused by salmonella organisms which affects a number of different sites in the body. The liver is one of the primary sites, becomes swollen and bronze in colour. The elbow and wrist joints of both wings may also be affected, demonstrating marked painful swellings.
Symptoms of intestinal problems are loss of weight and appetite, watery and discoloured mutes.
Canker (Trichomoniasis) is caused by a protozoan parasite in the mouth or intestinal tract (hexamitiasis), invariably caused by eating contaminated food. The bird usually reduces appetite and may flick food.

Canker and intestinal infections will occur often together.
Do not combine with broomhexine, zoalene or carbadox!
Salmonella Mix Extra dissolves readily in water and is absorbed easily.

COMPOSITION Dac Salmonella Extra :
- Furaltadone,
- Metronidazol,
- Tetracycline.

How To Use Dac Salmonella Extra :
- 1measuring spoon (= 5gr.) for 40 pigeons (20 kgs live-weight) / 2 liters drinking water or over food for 5-7 successive days or as vet. prescribes.
Measuring spoon ± 1 and 5 g enclosed.
Preventive: 5 gr. of product per 2 liters of drinking water for 3 days, every 2 weeks. Preferably starting the day after the race.
Treatment: 5 gr. of product per 2 liters of drinking water for 5-7 consecutive days.


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