Dac Respiratory Red Mix 100 gr EXTRA STRONG Pigeons Poultry Birds

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Dac Respiratory Red Mix 100 gr EXTRA STRONG Pigeons Poultry Birds



Dac Respiratory Red Mix 100 gr EXTRA STRONG (respiratory problems, salmonella and bacterial infections)

Dac Respiratory Red Mix For treatment of respiratory problems (like ornithosis, Mycoplasmosis, Coryza), E-coli, Salmonella and bacterial infections in common".Now with new formula even stronger and more powerful.

The combination of the antibiotics Erythromycine, Furaltadone, Oxytetracycline, the analgesic Dypirone and Vitamin K don't only takes care for a good treatment of the infections but also takes care that the animal feels one selves quick better. By this a quick recovery shall follow!

INDICATIONS Dac Respiratory Red Mix :
- Ornithosis
- Mycoplasmosis
- E-coli
- Salmonella
- Bacterial infections in common

COMPOSITION Dac Respiratory Red Mix :
- Erythromycine Thioc.
- Furaltadone HCI
- Oxytetracycline HCI
- Dipyrone
- Vit. K 3

How To Use Dac Respiratory Red Mix:
- Put sick pigeons in quarantine.
- Treat all your pigeons, not only the sick ones
- After medications give your pigeons DAC MULTIVITAMIX (the day after the last day of the treatment).
- Disinfect lofts/housing with LIMOSEPTIC
- In most cases, this product may be combined if necessary with other medicines

- 5 g for 20 kg of body weight (= 40-50 pigeons) or 5 g in 2 litres of drinking water during 5-7 consecutive days.


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