Dac Doxycycline 6% 50 gr Respiratory Problems For Pigeons Poultry Birds

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Dac Doxycycline 6% 50 gr Respiratory Problems For Pigeons Poultry Birds



Dac Doxycycline 6% For Treatment of respiratory problems in pigeons, like ornithosis, mycoplasmosis

DESCRIPTION Of Dac Doxycycline 6% :
- Doxycycline, a slow-acting, wide-spectrum tetracycline, has a great affinity with lung tissue and is therefore recommended especially for bacterial infections of the bronchial tubes.
- Doxycycline is assimilated quickly and completely, penetrates tissue effectively and in this way is an ideal drug for the treatment of bronchial infections.

INDICATIONS Of Dac Doxycycline 6% :
- Ornithosis
- Mycoplasmosis
- Respiratory problems in common

DOSAGE Of Dac Doxycycline 6% :
- 5 g for 10 kg live-weight during 5-7 successive days.

PACKAGING Of Dac Doxycycline 6% : 50 gram sachet

ADVICE FOR USE Of Dac Doxycycline 6% :
- Put sick pigeons in quarantine.
- Treat all your pigeons, not only the sick one.
- Mix 5 g in 1 litre of drinking water, be sure no other water is available during the treatment (20/25 pigeons)
- During treatment do not give products containing grit or calcium!

- 50 gram sachet

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