Avianvet Vitamin E + Selenium 100ml for Breeding Parrots & Birds

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Avianvet Vitamin E + Selenium 100ml for Breeding Parrots & Birds



Avianvet Vitamin E + SE, concentrate of Vitamin E enriched with Selenium and Vitamin A, especially indicated for the period of breeding.

INDICATIONS OF Avianvet Vitamin E + SE :
- Increases fertility and number of fertilized eggs.
- Stimulates egg laying
- Excellent corrector for cases of vitamin deficiency in the body
- Very beneficial during breeding
- Helps prevent muscle atrophies, muscle stiffness spasms

HOW TO USE Avianvet Vitamin E + SE :
- Administration in drinking water. Use at a dose of 2.5ml per liter of drinking water in periods of 3-4 days per week during the 4 weeks prior to the maturation. Drinking water must be renewed daily.
- Canaries, parakeets and other ornamental birds (up to 110 g in weight): 2,5 ml per liter of drinking water.
- For all types of cage birds.

PACKAGING Of Avianvet Vitamin E + SE :
- 100ml

Shipping : 10-25 days Depends on the local postal company

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