Avianvet Stop Fungi 250gr For Cage Birds

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Avianvet Stop Fungi 250gr For Cage Birds


Avianvet Stop Fungi, a compound of propionic and sorbic acid that prevents and controls the presence of fungi and bacteria in seeds and feed avoiding the production of mycotoxins and secondary metabolites thereof. It acts as a sanitizer for seeds and feed.

INDICATIONS of Avianvet Stop Fungi :
- Preventive against fungi, yeasts and bacteria present in seeds and egg food

COMPOSITION of Avianvet Stop Fungi :
- Propionic acid
- Sorbic acid
- Calcium carbonate.

HOW TO USE Avianvet Stop Fungi :
- 0,5 g to 1 g per kilo of food.

PACKAGING of Avianvet Stop Fungi :
- 250gr

Shipping : 10-25 days Depends on the local postal company

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