Avianvet Hidraplus 125gr For Canary Canaries and Cage Birds

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Avianvet Hidraplus 125gr For Canary Canaries and Cage Birds



Avianvet Hydraplus an electrolyte based product for dissolving in water that prevents dehydration caused by infectious processes that trigger coccidia & enterobacteria or candida avoiding possible diarrheal disorders.

INDICATIONSof Avianvet Hidraplus :
- To avoid dehydration caused by infections such as coccidia, enterobacteria or candida, avoiding possible diarrheal disorders.

COMPOSITION of Avianvet Hidraplus :
- Dextrose;
- Sodium chloride;
- Sodium bicarbonate;
- Potassium chloride;
- Calcium chloride

HOW TO USE Avianvet Hidraplus :
- Administration in drink water at doses of 2-5 gr / liter for the stabilization of water and electrolyte balance. Prevention and treatment of dehydration and diarrhea.
- It can be used in breeding paste to avoid dehydration in young at weaning at doses of 5-7 gr / kg of pasta. To administer at doses of 2.5 gr / liter of drinking water for the transport of specimens to contests or ornithological events.

PACKAGING of Avianvet Hidraplus :
- 125gr

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