Avianvet Feomelanine Plus 250gr For Canary Canaries & Cage Birds

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Avianvet Feomelanine Plus 250gr For Canary Canaries & Cage Birds



Avianvet Feomelanine Plus 250 gr , is a nutritional supplement for bruno canaries & faeos. Avianvet Feomelanine Plus the best breeders of canary faeos endorse Avianvet Feomelanine Plus fantastic to stimulate the synthesis of pheomelanin & mutated brown eumelanin.

INDICATIONS of Avianvet Feomelanine Plus  :
- Power oxidation thus, obscuring feomelanin and mutated brown melanin increasing its production.

COMPOSITION of Avianvet Feomelanine Plus :
- L-tyrosine;
- Vitamin A;
- Vitamin D3;
- Vitamin E;
- Vitamin B1;
- Vitamin B2;
- Vitamin B6;
- Vitamin C;
- Vitamin K3;
- Folic acid;
- Nicotinic acid;
- Pantothenate of lime;
- Amino acid complex;
- Amine nitrogen;
- Zinc (E6), Manganese (E5);
Cu (E4);
- Amino acids: Aspartic acid.Treonine. Serine. Glutamic acid. Proline. Glycine.Alanine.Cistine.Methionine.Isoleucine. Leucine.Fenylalanine. Tyrosine. Lysine.Histidine.Arginine.Tryptophan).

HOW TO USE Avianvet Feomelanine Plus :
- Administer 5-10 gr of pheomelanin plus per kilo of pasta or food
- At the right doses helps to improve the oxidation in Bruns canaries and faeos.
- Can be used during breeding and moulting of young specimens.

PACKAGING of Avianvet Feomelanine Plus :
- 250gr

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