Avianvet Aislado Lácteo 500gr For Cage Birds

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Avianvet Aislado Lácteo 500gr For Cage Birds



Avianvet Aislado Lácteo is a protein food supplement with 100% purity. In particular, it is pointed out that the feeding and growing period of the chicks should be strengthened

-It is good for heat to appear in the reproducer -Increase fertility and increase reproduction rate -Stimulate growth. -Does not contain carotenoids. It does not produce "doré". -Contains fast assimilation protein, which helps pigeon muscle growth and development -It has excellent amino acid characteristics and can provide all the essential amino acids needed for the correct growth and development of chicks.

how to use: -The amount of ingredients is 30-50 grams per kilogram of pasta. -Indicates the correct development of the chicks during reproduction and molting.

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