Avianvet Acidesent 100ml For Cage Birds

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Avianvet Acidesent 100ml For Cage Birds



Avianvet Acidesent 100ml protects the intestines of birds & drinking water from bacteria & fungi

Indication of Avianvet Acidesent 
-Designed to protect the intestines of birds and drinking water from bacteria and fungi, and control the population of protozoa such as Trichomonas and coccidia.
-A mixture of organic acids and essential oils, oregano and eucalyptus.
-As a prebiotic, it can lower the pH value in the intestines and acidify the digestive tract, thereby preventing the formation of bacteria and fungi (such as frank bacteria and large bacteria). -Due to its content in essential oils, it can regulate the proliferation of cocci and flagellar protozoa.
-Propionic acid, formic acid, acetyl, oregano and eucalyptus essential oils.
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