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Avianvet Acidesent 100ml For Cage Birds

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Avianvet Acidesent 100ml For Cage Birds



Avianvet Acidesent 100ml protects the intestines of birds & drinking water from bacteria & fungi

Indication of Avianvet Acidesent 
-Designed to protect the intestines of birds and drinking water from bacteria and fungi, and control the population of protozoa such as Trichomonas and coccidia.
-A mixture of organic acids and essential oils, oregano and eucalyptus.
-As a prebiotic, it can lower the pH value in the intestines and acidify the digestive tract, thereby preventing the formation of bacteria and fungi (such as frank bacteria and large bacteria). -Due to its content in essential oils, it can regulate the proliferation of cocci and flagellar protozoa.
-Propionic acid, formic acid, acetyl, oregano and eucalyptus essential oils.
100ml Package

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The Avianvet Acidesent 100ml For Cage Birds is the product you didn't think you need, but once you have it, you will discover that it is what you are looking for .

Inventory Last Updated: Nov 28, 2020