Newcastle disease in Poultry

Newcastle disease in Poultry 

Newcastle disease is the most serious viral disease, which spreads very quickly and also affects pigeons, turkeys and wild birds.This disease spreads and infects by inhaling air from the affected area, or eating feed contaminated with this virus, or by approaching the infected bird with other healthy birds.

Symptoms :

Idle and puffing feathers, lack of eating. Congestion in poultry custom, diarrhea in green. Mucous secretions from the eyes and noses of poultry. Difficult breathing and sprained neck with paralysis of poultry wings and legs. Eggs are poorly produced from infected birds, and eggs are small in size with a zigzag and brittle crust.

Treatment and prevention :

Volume 0% This disease has no specific treatment for the virus causing it. Clean and disinfect the habitat of infected birds, and sterilize all tools used to deal with them. Give antibiotics for five days to prevent secondary bacterial infection. Dispose of very sick birds by slaughtering and burning their bodies or burying them in deep pits. Immunize healthy poultry and give them vaccines to prevent the disease .

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